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Skin II


I truly believe that as we approach more layers of social and environmental degradation that every human should have access to the knowledge to fabricate textiles, computers, and programs for their safety.
With my love of everyday fashion and coats specifically; I started to envision another layer of protection where I could program my outer layer to express the biological shifts in energy that my blood vessels were experiencing. This would allow me to visualize and regulate my body. A comforting amber tone in the golden hour of the day, or cherry-red warning light amid the moon. Visualizing the body’s stress as a means to become more aware of my anxieties, body disassociation, and potentially dangerous situations.

As I reflect on the project further during the COVID19 epidemic, I believe even stronger that all humans should have access to this knowledge to create bio-sensitive clothing. If more people actively made and programmed the own fabric on their skin, then maybe someone would have figured out a way to fabricate clothing that reads our lung capacity or temperature, or even our level of comfortability when we are around other humans. What if we held the belief that we can create the solutions for our communities; instead of just Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon.

Arudino Lilypad
Conductive thread

Photo Credit: Arel Watson