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I am currently a Seattle-based electronic textile designer and professional graphic artist. During the day you can find me designing tattoos at a luxury tattoo lounge in Belltown. At night I like to read, write, and make visual art that is related to technology, the body, rituals, and healing.

I find a lot of parallels between technology, textiles, and the body in my professional and personal studio practice. Folks will sit for several hours to heal themselves with the technology of a tattoo machine. The art tattooed on our bodies and the clothes that we adorn our bodies are both a catalyst for healing and expression. How can our clothing, technology, and healing interact? How many possibilities would there be for healing if everyone had the technical knowledge and fabrication skills to make clothes that created healing for their purposes?

I hold a BFA from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. My work has been printed in various magazines including the awesome Dope Girls Media, The Daily Newspaper, Seattle Heath Studies, and the Chicago Reader. You can find my designs tattooed on people’s bodies in multiple states. Presented at MakeFashion, electronic fashion show 2019 in Calgary, Alberta. At the Shanty Festival, a shanty festival on the frozen lake in White Bear Lake, Minnesota ( described as winter burning man). Some of my favorite educational experiences included non-profits Seattle ReCreative, Sunny Day Earth Solutions, and FreeArts MN.